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Hi there, I am glad you made it !

My name is Gill Dodier, I live in Ontario, Canada, and I want to tell you my story.

My first business was a TV Repair Shop back in 1969 and I started with 56.00 which was the rent for the building, all the test equipment came as a Kit that I had to build with a cost 5.00 per month for each test equipment. Kept the business for 7 years, and sold it for 35,000.00

I then sold Real Estate for 8 years and seeing the money that income properties bring in, bought a few, had no money, borrowed 95% of the value for a total of 800,000.00 struggle to make the payments, had to deal with bad tenants and maintenance problems, I still have the buildings today.

Meanwhile, I open a restaurant and poolroom  with my partner Sherri in 1982, later the poolroom became a dining room, we still have the business today and can be seen on my Facebook page.

In 1985, I bought a building with a Dollar Store in it, leased it for 10 years and then decided to run it ourselves, we still have the business today and can be seen on my Facebook page.

Lately, I have been involved with Affiliate Marketing, wondering how to make money online, I have researched, reviewed and totally investigated affiliate marketing on the internet, in my opinion the only real alternative is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp that you can try for Free !

Wealthy Affiliate Review

This is my own review of wealthy affiliate


Wealthy affiliate is a training program that explain in detail how to make money online working from your home. It is step by step training with lots of support and everybody in the community is involved. I am not going to give you the long boring review like everybody else does. With Wealthy Affiliate you get to try it for free, free websites that you can build, free training, free help from everybody in the community, you can try it for yourself and it cost you nothing !

Here are the 7 Phases of Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp :

1 -  Getting your business rolling :

       This involved getting started, choosing your direction, your niche, building your        website for Free, your framework for content, understanding Keyword research and here you are on your way to a new and exciting business

2 -Content, Keywords and Conversions :

    Here you will be creating readable content that convert, using affiliate links, creating reviews and backing up your website and using targeted Keywords


3 - Give your site Social Values :

Making your site social and friendly, how to create social content, making friends with Google, power writing, levrage with the Jaaxy affiliate program.

4 - Get Visual, get a brand through Media :

Introduction to website design, creating logos and images, how to research Keywords, and creating videos.

5 - Knowing your audiences :


Creating content with intent, from keywords to live on You Tube, helping people is critical.

6 - Bing, Yahoo and the power of PPC :

Introduction to PPC, letting Bing and Yahoo know about your site, paying for traffic on search engines, setting up your PPC campaign, refining your journey.

7 - How to scale successful PPC campaigns :


Understanding Google Adwords,  mastering relevance, using concise pages, creating a long term campaign.

Of all the Affiliate Training I have seen on the internet, in my  opinion this is the BEST !

Now, you may ask yourselves, is this too good to be true ?

With over 800,000 members and growing daily, this is the truth, and there is a FREE Starter Membership.

A quick look on how you will be creating you business:







Choose an Interest, a Niche:

Choose what you are interested and passionate about, it could be a hobby, a sport, a business dream you had for years, whatever it may be,if you believe in it strongly, go for it,  no point in waiting forever.

Build a Website:

With Wealthy Affiliate you can build a stunning website in less than 30 seconds, this the foundation of your business and the beginning of a new and exciting venture.

Attract Visitors :

Wealthy Affiliate is going to teach you how to get visitors to your website, without it you have no business, it is going to be easy, you will learn how to get ranking with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo



According to statistics, there is more than 3.75 billion internet users looking for information or for help to better their lives, this is where you come in, you can help these people and earn revenue in the process, it is not difficult.

Earn Revenue:

With people looking at your website they will buy your products or services, you will earn revenue, with affiliate programs you can sell thousands of product you never had to create, no inventory to keep and no shipping to worry about. 

It is as simple as that !

Turn your Your Passion into a Thriving Online Business !

More than 3.75 billion people have access to the internet, looking for ways to make their life better, more enjoyable or searching for a certain product, or training, you can help these people by giving them the opportunity to get what they need and want.

                 For your FREE Starter Membership,  Click Here !


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